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A Revolutionary New Online Learning Academy

Live Classes by Industry Leaders

You will be taught by elite instructors who work for companies such as Grab, GoJek, Shopee and Traveloka with many years of experience in the field

Learn the Most in-Demand Skills

We partner with the best tech companies in South East Asia to design our curriculum, focusing only on the real-life skills you need to succeed

Flexible around your Schedule

Attend our virtual online classroom from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and commit 15-20 hours of intense studying per week

Flexible Payment Options

Finance your education with your preferred payment method, including low monthly installments through our financing partners

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Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing track gives you the analytical skills & channel expertise to grow the userbase of any online business. Be it through organic channels or via paid marketing, we will teach you the critical thinking, analytical frameworks and channel know-how to scale a digital business in the most efficient way.

Tech Sales & Business Development

Top Tech Companies are always looking for Sales and BD talent to grow. They are the single most important factor in the growth of a tech company. That's why they will pay you high and give you endless career opportunities. The good news is you can be successful in Tech without any background in Tech.

Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics program will provide you with everything you need – the knowledge, skills, and project experience – to launch a career in data. We will teach you a mix of data analytics expertise, business mindset, and communication skills to develop the ability to answer business questions with data and make a significant impact in your career.

Product Management

Unlock the secret recipe of creating products that people love with our Product Management Program! Get the chance to learn from the best product leaders from top tech companies. Learn various product management skills such as how to conduct customer research, develop products and communicate effectively with your stakeholders.

As Featured in

“Bukan karena kurang talenta, tapi kurangnya tools untuk berlatih mengembangkan skill yang tepat sesuai kebutuhan industri IT. Ini isu fundamental yang coba kami selesaikan lewat RevoU”

"The company, headquartered in Jakarta, runs an online technology education platform, which helps its students to start a career in Southeast Asia's rapidly growing tech industry"

“RevoU ingin menjadi wadah percepatan karier bagi siapa pun dengan syarat memiliki kemauan yang kuat untuk belajar, terlepas dari latar belakang, tingkat pendidikan, atau karier sebelumnya”

"Program yang ditawarkan RevoU didukung instruktur profesional dengan pengalaman di bidang masing-masing selama empat hingga 10 tahun, tidak hanya di Indonesia namun juga untuk skala Asia Tenggara."

“RevoU, perusahaan rintisan bidang teknologi edukasi (edutech), merilis pemeringkatan universitas di Indonesia berbasis akses website dan media sosial untuk kuartal pertama (Januari-Maret) tahun 2021”

"Perusahaan edutech RevoU melakukan riset untuk mengungkap industri mana yang terkena dampak positif maupun negatif akibat pandemi COVID-19 berdasarkan data pertumbuhan jumlah karyawan di perusahaan teknologi Indonesia, menggunakan data dari LinkedIn Premium Insights."

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