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Revolutionizing Healthcare Access with Medify


By: Sherin Olivia, Hilman Syarifudin, Hanan Wijaya

About Medify

Medify is an innovative web application developed by Sherin Olivia, Hilman Syarifudin F, and Hanan Wijaya.

Designed to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and patients, Medify offers a platform where users can easily consult with medical practitioners online, schedule appointments, and receive detailed medical reports.

This project reflects a commitment to making healthcare more accessible and manageable for everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

The Objective

Medify aims to democratize access to health services. The prevalent "first pay, first served" model often discourages people from seeking necessary medical attention until it becomes urgent. Medify confronts this issue head-on by providing a user-friendly, equitable platform for health management.

The Results

Inspired by the functionality and user engagement of platforms like Spotify, Medify—melding 'Medical' with 'Identify'—is designed to be a transformative tool in the medical field.

The application empowers users with features like appointment scheduling, comprehensive medical reports after each consultation, and the ability to have health consultations online. 

Here are some of Medify’s features wireframes.

You can check out the detailed information about Medify here or in their Github Repository.

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