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Transform Astro's Performance Monitoring


About Astro:

Astro is an online quick-commerce platform offering more than 1,000 high-quality goods. They are ready to deliver your groceries in minutes and are open 24/7.

Their commitment to excellence is evident in their diverse range of services, which includes digital marketing, web development, and data analytics. All these services are designed to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Objective:

Astro needs to track and monitor their performance level so that they can create strategies tailored to their current state.

The Result:

To appropriately track Astro's performance, Yulianthy Ho, Fatmasari Irfan Puteri, Lisma Mahesha, and Aswin Nidham needed to create dashboards that suit the users and their decision-making levels.

They created three types of dashboards, each targeted at different levels within Astro, to help each level monitor and act accordingly:

  1. Strategic Dashboard: Shows overall company performance using a holistic approach.
  2. Analytical Dashboard: Helps middle management in understanding current trends and in identifying the reasons behind evolving or regressing performance.
  3. Operational Dashboard: Focuses on monitoring and managing performance over shorter time horizons.

To create these dashboards, they used the following methodology:

Here are the final results of the dashboards!

You can learn more in detail from their presentation here.

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