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Learn from Experienced Digital Marketing Experts in SEA and accelerate your career as a Digital Marketer. If you don't get a job, we will REFUND your tuition fee up to 100%!
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Why Launch a Career in Digital Marketing

High-Paying Jobs

As the most sought-after talent in today’s job market, many companies are willing to offer high salary for skilled Digital Marketers to help them survive and grow in the market.

Promising Career Path

As a digital marketer, your work will highly impact the profitability and growth of your company. Great Digital Marketers have a high chance for leadership and management roles.

Remote Working

Digital marketer is among the roles with the highest opportunities for remote work. You can work for companies in a different city or even country.

Why RevoU?

At RevoU, we believe that grit and hard work get you further than talent. We treat you based on where you want to be and what you can be. We will help you find your way, get started, and fulfill your potential.

Designed and Taught by Industry Experts

You will learn the most updated and in-demand skills taught by elite instructors from top unicorn companies. Our curriculum creator & instructors went through our screening process where we filter only the best people in the industry with excellent technical skills and teaching ability.

Biggest Community of 5000+ Like-Minded Individuals

You will meet 5000+ of new people with similar values and a strong desire for success. Even after finishing the program, you will experience continuous network with fellow alumni enjoy our special alumni benefits.

Work on Projects to Get You Job-Ready

You will build your portfolio as an aspiring digital marketer by doing projects, exposed to many business models, and guided by many stakeholders.

Personalized 1:1 Career Support to Transform Your Professional Life

Our career support will make sure you stand out and are well-prepared during your job-searching journey while keeping you accountable and motivated throughout your career development process.

Dedicated In-House Student Counselor Available Anytime

Our dedicated In-House Student Counselors are available to support you at anytime when things get tough. No matter your background, you will be in a supportive and safe learning environment. 

Your Learning Phase

Our Full Stack Digital Marketing Program is divided into two parts: RevoU Course and RevoU Next.

Want to transform your career?
Join both RevoU Course and RevoU Next for 6 months.

Only want to boost your skills?
Join the first part of our program, RevoU Course, for 3 months.

The RevoU Digital Marketing Program

RevoU Course

Lay the foundations for your digital marketing skills with 3 months of intense lectures, study groups, practical assignments, and group projects, learning from leading industry practitioners in Southeast Asia.

RevoU Next

Receive career support training and 1-on-1 coaching while you sharpen your skillsets in our projects with personalized mentor called RevoU Labs.

Skills Boosting
Career Transforming
Compulsory | unless you have found employment

The RevoU Digital Marketing Program

RevoU Course

Lay the foundations for your digital marketing skills with 3 months of intense lectures, study groups, practical assignments, and group projects, learning from leading industry practitioners in Southeast Asia.


Skills Boosting

RevoU Next

Receive career support training and 1-on-1 coaching while you sharpen your skillsets in our apprenticeship program called RevoU Labs. High achieving students may also be eligible for job placement and recommendation service.


Career Transforming
Compulsory | unless you have found employment
Curriculum | RevoU Course

What You’ll Learn

Boost your marketing skills and accelerate either your personal career trajectory or the growth of your business. In RevoU Course, you will learn:

Measuring Performance and Budget Allocation

  • ‍Online Marketing Funnel and Metrics Related to each Funnel
  • CAC, CLTV and Customer Retention Metrics
  • Budget Allocation and Reallocation
  • Optimizing Channels, Metrics, and Budget

Product Marketing and Landing Page

  • Product Marketing 101
  • Effective Value Communication on Landing Page and other Marketing Channels

Marketing Analytics

  • Introduction to Google Analytics Reporting
  • How to work with UTM Tags
  • Building a Google Data Studio Report
  • Google Tag Manager

Social Media Ads

  • Facebook Ads Campaign Creation
  • Facebook Creative & Strategy
  • Facebook Pixel and Events
  • Facebook Ads Analytics and Reporting
  • Other Social Ads

Google Ads

  • Keyword Research and Theming
  • Paid Search Campaign Creation and Optimization
  • Budget Planning for Search Campaign
  • Google Ads Audiences & Other Google Ads Campaign


  • Keyword and Competitor Research
  • SEO On-Page Content & Technical
  • SEO Off-Page 
  • SEO Measurement

Content Marketing

  • Digital PR & Data-Driven Content Marketing
  • Content Ideation & Production
  • Content Distribution & Evaluation

Social Media Organic

  • Social Media Planning and Optimization
  • Measurement and Campaign Planning
  • Moment Marketing
  • Investment in Social Media


  • Lifecycle & Customer Journey
  • Automation Marketing for Retention
  • RFM Framework
  • CRM Metrics & Data


Learn from Experienced Digital Marketers

Some of our instructors:
Career Services | RevoU Next

Get The Full Career Support You'll Ever Need

You won't be alone in your career development process. Here are four ways we support your career development at RevoU Next:

projects with personalized mentor

While you look for your next job, strengthen your skills and knowledge by doing digital marketing projects and case studies

Career support training

Searching for work is highly competitive. We will train you to refine your soft skills, professional profile, and networking opportunities, making sure you stand out and are well-prepared. You also have access to our Career Guides articles, where you can gain insights and tips related to different Digital Marketing careers.

1-on-1 career coaching

You will be coached by the successful people who have gone through what you will be facing during a job search. They will help you identify your blind spots, make you accountable for your progress and motivate you when needed.

98% Students Hired!

5000+ Student Lives Transformed and Counting!

Tuition Fee

Career Transforming

Rp 16.000.000
Includes: RevoU Course + RevoU Next
Duration:  6 Months

Three months of intensive lectures, additional three months of projects with personalized mentor & career support.

Skill Boosting

Rp 13.000.000
Includes: RevoU Course
Duration: 3 Months

Three months of intensive lectures.

Our Tuition Options

Best value

100% Up Front

Safe up your money by paying the fee upfront to RevoU.

Deferred Payment

Adjust your payment to fit your spending plan by deferring your tuition fee for up to 18 months!

Study Now Pay Later

 Learn first and pay after you finish your 6 months course with RevoU.

Your Steps During The Application Process

RevoU is a fast-paced, immersive, online education experience. Through our admissions process we make sure that our program is right for you, so you can get the most out of it.


Application form

Complete a 10-15 minute application for us to get to know your background, goals, and prior experience.

Analytical assessment

You'll be given an assignment to test your numerical reasoning and analytical skills.


Additional assessment

Submit a motivation letter to make sure your motivation and expectations are aligned with our program.

Video call

Have a final video call with our Admission Counselor to check that both expectations and career goals are aligned with what our program is offering.


Admission decision

Get notified about the admission decision.

Upcoming Course Start Date

Full Stack Digital Marketing Batch January 2023

Start date:
January 2023
Class schedule:
Mo-Thu (7-9 PM) & Sat (1-3 PM)

Learn what normally would take years in just a few weeks. Be fully equipped with skills and experiences needed to accelerate your career.

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