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Feel Proud About Your Work

Feel proud about your work. Every day at RevoU, the work you will do unlock opportunities and bring a real impact on people's lives by giving them the education needed to transform their career.

We Care

At RevoU, we take very seriously your professional and personal growth on the same level as our students. Here, you will work in a very supportive environment with the kindest, most talented, and passionate individuals. You will have the space to unlock and perform at your maximum potential.

Our Culture

What are the distinctive values that make us uniquely RevoU? The values we live by to keep ourselves accountable in our day-to-day professional life, to pursue our vision to make RevoU the most inspiring and career defining place to work in Southeast Asia.


We always try to put ourselves in other people’s shoes, thinking about the consequences of our behavior on the other person.

We are empathetic with our colleagues but also, and especially with our most important stakeholder: our students. 

Despite being extremely driven and ambitious about our own career, we are leaving your ego at RevoU’s entrance door. We believe that career progression at RevoU is not a zero-sum game: helping each other will benefit everyone’s career.


We are transparent and authentic with each other across all levels. 

We are not afraid of saying what we think, every time we think is in the best interest of the company, even if it’s uncomfortable.

We give hierarchy much lower importance than in most companies and embrace the act of making mistakes openly

Highest standards

We hold ourselves to the highest standards - taking the concept of high standards outward to our students and inwards to everything we do every day. 

We believe there are few things more rewarding than to perform at our peak with other exceptional performers around us towards a common goal and vision. 

We also know we are in a unique position to really make a difference in this world and know that it is a rare privilege to be in that position. 


We are passionate about life in general and work as a subset of it. 

We want to do work that matters. Work that has a real, quantifiable impact on the lives of people around us and society at large. 

We get excited, we celebrate, we laugh a lot and sometimes we cry. We believe this is the best way to live a professional life to its fullest.

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Work Where and How
You Work Best

You can bring an impact from anywhere. Some of us are in Jakarta, some in Bali, others in Bandung and some in many other places. The freedom and flexibility to work remotely has empowered us to accommodate each other’s differences and collaborate well.

The flexibility of remote working can minimize a lot of unnecessary problems during commuting to the office (bye traffic!)
- Andrew, Jakarta

I get to plan my day to suit both my work life and personal life, because I work remotely.
- Anas, Bandung

Because of remote working, I can travel while working. Can work from the small city with low living cost (bali, yogya, manado, etc).
- Julian, Manado

The benefit of working remotely for me personally is I could work effectively without the expense of neglecting my mental health.
- Hana, Surabaya

Remote working enable me to schedule the day to my priorities instead of sticking with a rigid office hour.
- Ben, Bali

Since I work remotely, I can work while having my personal concert a.k.a singing & dancing without minding my co-workers.
- Rieka, Lombok

Since I work remotely, I can work-date from various local coffee shops. The ambiance, coffee, and gf boost my productivity.
- Saputra, Batam

Remote working eases me to manage my time between job and quality time with my parents.
- Putri, Medan

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We can't wait to create an impact with you!

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