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Digital Marketing

There are many things you can teach in our Digital Marketing class, from Analytics and Strategies, to Soft Skills

There are few things you can teach in our Digital Marketing class, from Analytics and Strategies, to Soft Skills

Analytics and Stategies

  • Measuring Performance and Budget Allocation
  • Marketing Analytics
  • CRM

Performance Marketing

  • Social Media Ads (Facebook, IG)
  • Google Ads

Organic Channels

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Organic Social Media Marketing

Soft Skills

  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Effective Communication

Product Management

In our Product Management class, you can teach any of these topics from Introduction, Product and Business Understanding, to Product Marketing.

In our Product Management class, you can choose to teach some of these topics from Introduction, Product Vision and Strategy, to Go-To Market Strategy.

Introduction to Product Management

Product & Business Understanding

OKR & Product Metrics

Defining Problem

  • Research to Product Management
  • Product Prioritization

Product Development Process

  • Product Ideation
  • Product Development
  • Technical Product Management
  • Product Experimentation
  • Product Marketing

Stakeholder Management

Data Analytics

Interested to teach Data Analytics? You can teach any of these topics from fundamentals, technical skills, to data visualization.

Interested to teach Data Analytics? You can teach any of these topics from fundamentals, technical skills, to data visualization.

Data Analytics Fundamentals

  • Understanding Business Problems
  • End-to-end Data Architecture and Data Warehousing
  • Lifecycle of a startup and Business Acumen for Full-stack Data Analysts
  • Statistics for Data Analytics

Technical Skills for Data Analytics

  • Basic & Advanced SQL for Data Analytics
  • Basic & Advanced Python for Data Analytics
  • Analysis implementations and case studies with different tools

Data Visualization

  • Storytelling with Data
  • Data Visualization with Tableau
  • Generating Insights from Data and Communicating Insights
  • Implementing Data Visualization to Business Cases

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Our mission is to equip students with the emerging skills that the Indonesian technology industry needs. To do that, we need the help of passionate and talented people like you

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Contribute back to the community with your experience, insights, and motivation. Help students to improve their lives & their families.

Personal Growth

Teaching, mentoring, and guiding are paths to leadership while solidifying your strategic, interpersonal, and management skills.

Rewards & Recognition

You will be financially rewarded for your valuable time and be recognized by your peers as a thought leader .

How You Can Contribute


Share your expertise and help our students reach their best career potential. If education is part of your passion & you have 10 - 12 hours per month to spare, this is for you.

Career Coach

Take part and get involved directly in helping our students get a job. If creating an impact is something fulfilling for you & you have 10 - 16 hours per week to share, this is the right role for you

You Are A Great Fit If…


Your stories of success and failures being delivered with great storytelling skills and professional wisdom will accelerate students' learning progress beyond anything else.


You are committed in setting aside a few hours of your month to provide insights, to guide the students and to share your expertise.


Ultimately, you have the utmost important virtues of a contributor. You are highly motivated in helping the students to learn, to grow and to succeed.

Hear What They Say About Contributing at RevoU

"Teaching in RevoU is a totally eye-opening experience. I have been speaking in similar forums & workshops, and none of them is in par to the quality of the audience & classroom ops team that RevoU provides."

Ferdi Anggriawan

Head of Digital Marketing, Growth & Intelligence at Gojek / Full Stack Digital Marketing Instructor

"The cohort-based teaching with RevoU has been a rewarding experience for me. The onboarding is smooth and meticulous, meeting the very active students makes everyday session is exciting. Not to forget the feedback loop and ongoing brainstorming from peer instructors! At the end of the journey, the learning made me a better teacher."

Donnie Silalahi

Founder at Mitraloka / Full Stack Digital Marketing Instructor

"I've been a RevoU instructor since the second batch, starting two years ago. It has always been a pleasure, and I couldn't recommend it enough to others to share their knowledge & experience as instructors too. I had become an instructor in other education players too, but RevoU's quality is unparalleled. Its standard is high, but the students' enthusiasm and the RevoU team's ever-improving support make my teaching experience always satisfying, both personally & professionally."

Muhammad Ilman Akbar

Digital Marketing Lead at Pashouses / Full Stack Digital Marketing Instructor

"RevoU is not the first place for me to give training. I usually fill out independent training or invitations from certain institutions. However, I had a different experience being an instructor at RevoU. In-depth preparation phase: the material already has a good skeleton and helps the instructor to customize the material accordingly. Best assistant ever: at RevoU, the instructor is not a single fighter but has a support team that will be ready to help with administrative matters and to back up if there is any problem during class. Curriculum close to real-life: this concept is really interesting. I feel that the training is not only theoretical, but also emphasizes how the skills acquired will be useful in real-life."

Rahmat Hidayatullah

Marketing Strategic and Analytic Specialist at PT. XL Axiata Tbk / Full Stack Data Analytics Instructor

"The RevoU team is very professional in supporting the instructors. From the curriculum to the lecturing process, they prepared everything smoothly. Before teaching, there is a briefing with the class moderator to understand what kind of students we are teaching. The moderator was also very helpful in supporting the learning process, helping to make the class more interactive. The students are also very engaged and motivated to learn. The teaching hours are after the working hours so it won't interfere with your primary job. The compensation given is competitive enough so that instructors feel valued."

Ahmad Arib Alfarisy

Senior Data Analyst at Smart Axiata / Full Stack Data Analytics Instructor

"Teaching with RevoU is one of the best experiences you can have as an instructor! Classes are fun & engaging and the students are always hungry to learn and explore more! The instructor's onboarding process is very detailed, class facilitation is very well-thought-of and feedback loops are smooth and seamless! Moreover, you will be part of an awesome community of instructors you can learn from!"

Sotirios P. Seridis

Head of Search, Content & Monetisation at GrabJobs  / Full Stack Digital Marketing Instructor

"Teaching at RevoU is really great experience. Amazing team will help you to prepare and set up. Great comms pre, on, and post session. I have been speaking and give workshop, but with RevoU it feels so different. The students also very active. While i teach them, they teach me as well. Really great experience, eye opening experience, and a good way to pay it forward."

Aria Perdana

Lead Product Manager - Lending Core Platform at OVO / Full Stack Product Management Mentor & Expert

"For me teaching is not just about giving my knowledge to others, but also to learn from the students. It is mutual benefit. I truly happy to work with RevoU that I can learn alongside students while at the same time shape the next generation of future product managers in Indonesia."

Gohan Parningotan

Product Manager at Brick API / Full Stack Product Management Mentor & Expert

"The end-to-end support provided by Revo-U helps me a lot as the instructor to focus my time and effort in doing the actual knowledge transfer to the highly committed participants. The presence of Curriculum Coordinators and Section Managers ensures the convenient preparation, seamless execution, and wonderful engagement during the whole program."

Yusuf Aria

CVM Lead (Product Strategy) - Merchant Business at Bank Jago / Full Stack Product Management Instructor

"My experience teaching at RevoU has been fantastic! RevoU has a great team that helps ease my adaptation from the onboarding session, material preparation, and class schedule until the evaluation process. I have all the support to teach and share my expertise with passionate students!

I urge all experts and experienced people to teach here at RevoU! Help the younger generation or career switchers master the desired skills and attain their dream job. It is an excellent place to share knowledge and contribute to the community!"

Chandra Aprely

Head of Business Intelligence at Protelindo / Full Stack Data Analytics Mentor & Expert

"Intensive. Practical. Real-life use cases. The structured milestones with industry-specific context throughout the different batches have given the participants the much needed expertise and edge. I’m pleasantly surprised by the growth of the participants throughout the mentoring and feedback sessions in simulating real situations interacting with stakeholders. A much valued personal & professional contribution to myself, the participants & RevoU’s team."

Haniff Alkaff

Head of Data Governance & Analytics at AIA / Full Stack Data Analytics Mentor & Expert

"I joined Revou as a mentor since the first batch, such an honor to be a part of Revou, meeting people who are passionate about seeking knowledge made me not only feel I am teaching but also learn from them, thank you Revou for giving this opportunity."

Auliya Aziza

GoTo Group / Full Stack Data Analytics Mentor & Expert

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