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AI for Marketers

1-6 Weeks
SEO: 10X end-to-end content production (research, production, to build reports)
Social Media: Create more engaging contents faster, from ideation to create copies & visuals
Creatives: Streamline processes and get alignment faster with AI-driven idea generation
Marketing analytics: Generate insights from marketing data faster with AI data analytics

Tools Learned:

AI for SEO

1-6 Weeks
Boost Keyword Research: Discover and evaluate high-value keywords
Speed Up Content Production: 10X end-to-end content production with the right content
Optimized Content Planning: Craft content plans, including titles and meta tags for improved search visibility.
Comprehensive SEO Reporting: In-depth SEO reports with AI data analytics

Tools Learned:

AI for Social Media

1-6 Weeks
Get the Right Brainstorming Partner: Collaborate on content creation with ChatGPT
Supercharge Content Creation: Generate ad copies and visuals with ChatGPT & Midjourney
Find New Ideas Faster: Generate content pillars and posts faster with ChatGPT and Midjourney
Live Up Content: Incorporate animations and narration in your content by incorporating AI tools

Tools Learned:

AI for Creatives

1-6 Weeks
Ideate Styles Much Faster: Create new ideas using MidJourney and stable diffusion AI tools
Streamline Processes: Create audio and voiceover with AI voice synthesis tools
AI-Generated Visuals: Translate briefs into visual assets by using LLM AI to outline concepts
Speed Up Approvals: Streamline approval process by creating mockups with AI visualization tools

Tools Learned:

AI for Marketing Analytics

1-6 Weeks
Be Data-savvy Faster: Generate reports on trends and sentiment by processing market data
Get Better Insights: Leverage AI data analytics to generate insightful findings
In-depth Data Analysis: Analyze marketing data deeper (user clustering, predictive & advanced data analysis)
Visualize & Add Science to Data: Create insightfulvisualization for better data-driven decisions

Tools Learned: