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A teaching & learning experience that you will always remember, even after you graduated!
“RevoU ga ada lawan! Lengkap banget materinya. Instrukturnya bukan kaleng-kaleng. Khusus buat yang niat dan serius.”
Glenn Monoarfa
Alumni Digital Marketing
“RevoU ga ada lawan! Lengkap banget materinya. Instrukturnya bukan kaleng-kaleng. Khusus buat yang niat dan serius.”
Glenn Monoarfa
Alumni Digital Marketing

Your Learning Phase

1st Phase
RevoU Course
2nd Phase
RevoU Next
3 or 6 Months

RevoU Course

Skill Boosting
Get started with the essential knowledge in 3 months of immersive learning (or 6 months for Software Engineering), from lectures and study groups to hands-on assignments. Sharpen your end-to-end skills from top-notch instructors and peers!
3 Months

RevoU Next

Career Transforming
After mastering the fundamentals, it's time to focus on your career. Learn from specialized career training, mockup interviews, and build a standout portfolio from case study projects. With RevoU NEXT, you're not just learning. You're getting job-market ready!

Your Learning Cycle

A complete overview of what your learning journey will look like at RevoU!

Learn from Experts

You’ll learn the most updated and in-demand skills from the best industry experts with excellent technical skills and teaching ability.
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Practice on Assignments

Each module is packed with opportunities for you to learn and practice, from pre-post tests to individual and group assignments.
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Experiment through Projects

You’ll work on projects that use case studies and various business models. And the best part? You’re building a stand-out portfolio to land your dream job and gain invaluable skills to make you a pro in your field—even if you're not on the job hunt!
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Get Feedback & Rounded Support

Every project and assignment counts, and you'll get personalized feedback to improve it. Plus, if you’re lucky, you might even get live comments when you present your project!
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Your Learnings Support System

24/7 Cohort Access

With 24/7 access to the learning platform and Slack chat room, your reading materials and lecture recordings are always just a click away.

Dedicated Study Group

You will be grouped within the classroom, so you can set up a study session with your dedicated teammates!

Live Lectures

So, mark your calendar for live lectures 5 days a week, up to 2.5 hours per day!It's learning in real-time after office, with real experts via online Zoom call!

Mentor Support

RevoU encourages you to do self-learning. But if you are stuck on something, your mentor is always ready to get you out of a sticky situation and help you grasp those materials better!

Two Mentors to Unlock Your Potential

With Dual Mentorship, you get double the guidance, insights, and support. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, our industry experts are here to meet you at your level and cheer you on to victory!


Your Expert is a pro in their field, ready to share practical insights for your learning journey.
Here's what the Expert will do for you:
  • Guide you with engaging lectures and demos.
  • Share real-world insights and job-hunt tips
  • Provide constructive feedback
  • In RevoU NEXT, challenges you to be more critical and independent.
P.S. You’ll know them as "Instructor" in RevoU Course, "Career Coach" in RevoU NEXT, and "Expert" in RevoU NEXT Projects


Your Expert is more than just a teacher. They're a pro in their field, ready to share practical and valuable insights for your learning journey.
Here's what the Expert will do for you:
  • Deliver engaging lectures and hands-on demos.
  • Share real-world insights and job-hunting strategies.
  • Offer constructive feedback to give you a better sense of real-life working experience.
  • In RevoU NEXT, Expert will challenge you to be critical and independent with your projects and tasks.
P.S. You’ll know them as "Instructor" in RevoU Course, "Human Resource Critical (HRC)" in RevoU NEXT, and "Expert" in RevoU NEXT Projects


Your Mentor is your go-to for extra help and encouragement. They will guide you in smaller groups or 1:1 sessions during your RevoU journeys. Fun fact, most of them are RevoU alumni!
Here's how Mentor back you up:
  • Facilitate group or 1:1 consultations for a deeper understanding of lectures.
  • Assist in refining your job assets like CV, portfolio, and LinkedIn.
  • Review assignments and provide constructive feedback.
P.S. You’ll know them as "Team Lead" in RevoU Course and "Student Development Coordinator (SDC)" in RevoU NEXT


Your Mentor will guide you in smaller groups and 1:1 sessions during your RevoU journeys. Fun fact, most of them are RevoU alumni!
Here's how Mentor back you up:
  • Provide one-on-one or group consultation
  • Help you polish your job assets (CV, portfolio, and LinkedIn)
  • Review and provide constructive feedback for your assignments
P.S. You’ll know them as "Team Lead" in RevoU Course and "Student Development Coordinator (SDC)" in RevoU NEXT

Your Success, Guided by Experts

Meet some of our top experts, but there's more excellence behind the scenes!
Arlene Junita
Director of Brand and Communications at OnlinePajak
Ricky Haryadi
Corporate Business Development, Strategy & Venture (Asia) at Microsoft
Rizki Dewantoro
Country Growth Marketer (ID) at Ematic Solutions
Regita Hikmatuz Zakia
Data & Training Manager at Tetherfi
Muhammad Iqbal
Data Analytics Consultant at StarCore Analytics
Tegar Bratasena
Business Intelligence Lead at TREVO
Cahyanto Arie Wibowo
Head of Product Strategy and Growth at KapanLagi Youniverse
Richard Dharmadi
Head of Product at Pinhome
Anton Rifco Susilo
Head of Product (Tech) at Hypefast
Thoriq Nur Faizal
Technical Trainer at Shopee
Abimanyu Dharma Poernomo
Full Stack Engineer at Cyan
Albert Mario
Software Engineer at Gojek
Glacomo Ficari
Co-Founder at Lifepal
Veronika Utami
Board of Directors at Frisian Flag Indonesia
Iqbal Hariadi
VP of Brand Communications at Kitabisa

Never Alone in Your Job Hunt

Brainstorm with a mentor who cares for your success, who will share tips & insights that enables you to craft a winning game plan for your job hunt!
Here’s your career journey will look like:
Learn how to land your dream job in job-seeking classes.
Guided through 1on1 or group consultation sessions to map out your dream job, practice interview skills, and master the art of negotiation.
Enhance your interview performance with expert-guided mockup interview sessions
Gain hands-on experience, mentor guidance, and real-world feedback from Expert in RevoU NEXT Projects.
Connect with the RevoU Community—your next big opportunity could be just a chat away!

Hear It from Our Students

Real Insights into RevoU's Learning Experience
Haydar Walid Aziem Ramadhon
For me, RevoU gave me many new insights, new things to learn, new connections, and much more that make me better than ever.
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Ellisa Priastiningtyas
Joining RevoU Full Stack Digital Marketing is such a life changing experience! Not only gaining deep understanding of the latest Digital Marketing strategies, tools, and techniques that are driving real impact in the industry, but also building a strong and positive community that full of lifetime learners.
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Muhammad Reyhan Saadi
The curriculum isn’t only focused on technical abilities but also quite heavy in business acumen, which I lack. And the connection is the best! This is the top benefit RevoU can offer to students; the opportunity to connect!
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Ready to transform your career?


Still unsure and have some questions?


Learning Experience FAQs

How does RevoU pick the best Instructors and Team Leads for me?

Learning with us is personal, and we want your Instructors and Team Leads to be as understanding and approachable as they are skilled.

  • Instructors must have at least 2.5 years of experience to make sure they have much industrial knowledge.
  • Team Leads are curated through a series of mentoring tests and undergo weeks of training sessions so they can guide you sincerely with heart!

What’s a meeting with my Team Lead like?

When you're mentored by your Team Lead, you can ask anything if you are stuck on something in your self-learning! About the lectures, projects, and get constructive feedback on your progress!

Can I choose my own mentor?

At RevoU, we'll match you with the perfect mentor based on your background and career goals. Our expert team ensures that you receive guidance from a mentor who's ideally suited to support and advance your professional journey. Trust us; we've got your back!

How big are the classes in RevoU Course?

The class size differ, the largest one so far is about 100 (that’s a lot of new connections!). But worry not, you will be divide you into groups of 15 people with dedicated mentors for a more intimate studying experience!

Where do I work on my RevoU Project?

You can work on your RevoU Project from anywhere because all of the sessions and assignments will be conducted online. Just make sure you've got a good internet connection!

Can I pick my own RevoU Project?

You’ll be matched with a project that aligns perfectly with your RevoU Course performance and career goals. Rest assured, our goal is to make you job-ready, and we’ve got it all covered!

Will RevoU connect me directly to employers?

RevoU prepares you to be job-market ready through job seeking preparation & projects for upskilling. RevoU NEXT is designed to make you a standout candidate in any industry, not just for a single job.

What if I don't land a job during RevoU NEXT?

Don't sweat it! If you're a job seeker, we’ll still provide you a job hunting portal tools to keep you consistently submit your job applications. You can also find networking opportunities and new job open in our Slack Community!