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10X SEO Article Production with AI

Grab (AI for SEO)

By: Ervina Desiviola

Project Overview

In this project, students were tasked with creating SEO strategies and crafting educational articles targeted at beginners in their respective fields. The articles were designed to provide valuable insights and guidance while adhering to ethical content practices, such as proper crediting of original sources and avoiding plagiarism.

The Objective

Through this project, students gained hands-on experience in SEO strategy development by utilizing AI tools to generate valuable and ethical content. Their work resulted in comprehensive articles that adhered to SEO best practices and provided clear guidance to beginners in digital marketing.

The Result

1. Your SEO Workflow: Students showcased their SEO workflows by chaining different aspects of SEO using CustomGPT(s).

2. CustomGPT Setup: (Optional) Students configured their own CustomGPT(s) to assist their work.

3. GPT Conversation: Students provided a detailed outline of their conversation with GPT, including prompts used to guide content generation. Links to the GPT conversations were shared for review.

4. First Draft Article: An initial draft article was produced based on the chosen keyword and target audience, adhering to SEO best practices, clarity of information, and proper citation of sources.

5. Final Article: The first draft was edited and fact-checked to refine content, improve readability, and ensure accuracy.

6. Feedback and suggestions were incorporated to create a polished final version.

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