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Improve Telkom's Customer Retention through Data Analysis

Telkom Indonesia

By: M. Alfarisi Handifa

About Telkom Indonesia

Telkom Indonesia stands as the largest telecommunications service provider in Indonesia, connecting millions across the country with reliable and innovative communication services. Their expansive network and commitment to quality service make them a pivotal player in Indonesia’s digital landscape.

The Objective

The project focused on extracting valuable insights from customer data to identify key opportunities for reducing churn. The main goal was to understand the underlying causes of customer turnover and to develop strategic recommendations to enhance customer retention and lifetime value.

The Result

To achieve the objective, first of all Alfarisi gathered some datasets, here are the overview of the dataset.

Then, with the dataset provided, Alfarisi do analysis and get some insights as below:

Lastly, here are some recommendations for Telkom's project:

For more details on the strategic recommendations and insights, you can view the presentation here.

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