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Sales Performance Dashboard Telkom Indonesia

Telkom Indonesia

About Telkom Indonesia and XYZ UMKM

Telkom Indonesia, Indonesia's largest telecommunication service, has launched a marketplace initiative to support UMKM growth. For this project, the company's dataset and name have been anonymized as XYZ UMKM, presenting a unique challenge for our alumni.

The Objective

The goal for XYZ UMKM was to boost its business and sales performance. Achieving this required the creation of an analytical dashboard tailored for Marketing Managers, designed to provide comprehensive insights and facilitate strategic decisions.

The Result

In response to the problem statement and expected outcomes, D. Yuppi Kurniawan Kristanto conducted data analysis using the following methodologies: Data Gathering, Defining Objectives, Data Cleaning, Data Visualization, and Insight & Recommendations.

Using the cleaned and gathered data, Yuppi developed a sales dashboard that offers in-depth analysis, essential for achieving revenue goals and monitoring sales performance.

Here’s a sneak peek of the Dashboard and instructions on how to use it.

From this dashboard, you can gain insights, that can help you to analyze the data and provide practical recommendations.

You can experience the functionality of this dashboard here and learn more about the project in Yuppi’s presentation. This presentation not only showcases the dashboard's capabilities but also highlights the strategic thinking and technical expertise that went into its creation.

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