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Decrease Cost per Purchase by 75% through CPAS

Kacang Coklat Emak (Cangcomak)

About Cangcomak

Founded in 2019 by Salmi Sufraini, Cangcomak has redefined the way we think about nuts. Their specialty lies in offering nuts roasted without oil and coated in non-sticky, preservative-free chocolate. This innovative approach not only enhances the flavor but also offers a healthier alternative to traditional snack options.

The Objective

Cangcomak's mission was to boost their sales on online marketplaces using CPAS (Collaborative Performance Advertising Solution) strategies. The goal was to transform simple clicks into irresistible cravings and casual visits into concrete sales!

The Result:

Using the right CPAS strategies, here are the remarkable results!

‍✓ A 75% reduction in the cost per purchase (CPP), showcasing the efficiency of their CPAS strategies.

‍✓ A 200% increase in add-to-cart actions within just a month, indicating a significant boost in customer interest and engagement.

For some examples of Cangcomak's successful strategy, you can check Moh. Radityo Adi's portfolio.

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