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Improving Purchase and Return on Ad Spent through Meta Ads (CPAS)

Samwells Project

About Samwells Project

Samwells Project is a clothing brand known for its finest quality products at affordable prices, specializing in oversized clothing for men. This brand stands out in the fashion industry by combining style, comfort, and affordability.

The Objective

Samwells Project aimed to navigate the competitive landscape of online fashion retail by increasing visibility and driving sales through targeted advertising. One of the strategies was to boost purchases on Shopee using Meta Ads (CPAS).


The Results

Iqbal Imanullah, Niko Carnyoto, Anandita Dwiki Prasetyo, Stephen Kristanto, Mochamad Fajar Ramadhan, Farhan Ferjian Akbar, Mimi Hajarul Aswatina Siregar, and Andreas Christianto Wibowo collaborated as a team to devise CPAS strategies that significantly improved purchases and the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for Samwell’s Project.

In less than 3 weeks, the team achieved incredible results:

  • A 43% increase in purchases through the Meta Ads campaign.
  • A 26% decrease in cost per result, showcases the efficiency of the advertising strategy.
  • An impressive ROAS of more than 8 in the same period.

These achievements underscore the power of well-executed digital marketing strategies in e-commerce. You can check out Samwells Project on Shopee and follow their journey on Instagram.

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