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Improve User Experience in BNC App

Bank Neo Commerce

About Bank Neo Commerce (BNC)

Bank Neo Commerce (BNC) is a bank that is committed to making your financial journey hassle-free. With innovation at its heart, BNC simplifies banking, making it seamless and personal to you!

The Objective

BNC wants to revolutionize its app to enhance the user experience significantly. The goal was to make the app not just user-friendly but delightful to use. By focusing on intuitive enhancements, BNC aimed to increase daily usage and ensure that its app becomes a trusted financial companion for its users.

The Result:

To achieve the objective, Fadhil Waficandra Pranginangin did a comprehensive research journey. He dove deeply into understanding BNC’s user base by conducting user surveys, interviews, and data analysis to gain insights into the challenges users face while using BNC’s app.

Here is a comparison between the existing app flow and the new flow.

These insights were then used to build a prototype that categorized issues for quick support within the app's chat feature, which established an efficient communication channel that significantly improved user satisfaction.

The metrics Fadhil focused on during this project were Daily Active Users (DAU) and Session Duration. These key performance indicators provided essential insights into the app's engagement levels and overall user satisfaction.

You can learn more in detail from Fadhil’s presentation here and experience the innovation firsthand by trying out the prototype here.

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