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Acquire 10K+ Organic Traffic using SEO

About Laycation

Laycation was built by Millat Hanif, Muhammad Harist, Meyta Valentine, and Harifna Nurdiana, as a traveling website that can be your go-to travel buddy for mind-refreshing escapes. Laycation offers endless options for those seeking low-budget vacations, making wanderlust achievable for everyone.

The Objective

The goal for Laycation was to attract real organic traffic and secure a top ranking in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). In the competitive world of online travel, visibility is key, and Laycation was determined to make its mark.

The Result

Within 2 months, Laycation successfully attracted over 10,000 impressions, a clear indicator of its growing organic reach. They also achieved a first-page ranking on SERP for the keyword 'Sambal Bakar Tangerang'.

To achieve these results, they implemented 7 key strategies:

Lastly, with this achievement, Laycation’s clients (Erwin Petas, SEO Manager at Kumparan) and mentor (SEO Manager at The Parentinc) offered compliments to the team!

For an in-depth look at Laycation's strategies, you can check their detailed report and tips here. This presentation is filled with practical insights and tips for anyone looking to attract real organic traffic using SEO.

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