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Raise Brand Awareness of Sobat Jompo

Sobat Jompo

About Sobat Jompo

Sobat Jompo is a brand built by Syavira Aulia, Harry Fajri Akbar, Vicitra Maengkom, Esthi Bayuningtyas, Aisyah Laksmi, Mahmudah, Jessica Witasari, Danzel Samuel Purantoro, on a mission to revolutionize the concept of aging with its unique selling proposition: "Pola Hidup Sehat Anti Jompo". With an empowering message of "#TidakJompoLagi", Sobat Jompo encourages a younger demographic to adopt a proactive approach to health and wellness, ensuring they stay vibrant and dynamic well into their later years.

The Objective

Sobat Jompo wants to raise brand awareness on major platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Their strategy was to harness organic growth tactics to build a solid and engaging online presence that resonates with the youth.

The Result

Within just 6 weeks, Sobat Jompo’s new social media accounts witnessed a surge of over 1,000 followers, all gained organically. More impressively, their engagement rate increased by 359%!

Here is one of the highest engagement post on their TikTok, about meal planning: kata siapa clean eating harus mahal ? Sini minjo kasih tips & trick budget clean eating selama 1 minggu cuma 200k-an aja #sobadjompo #healthylifestyle #tipsandtricks #makansehat #frugalliving #tipssehat ♬ suara asli - bGpin z

For more details on Sobat Jompo’s exciting journey and other remarkable projects, check out our TikTok and Instagram.

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