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Revolutionary Web Application


About Mentalk

Mentalk was built by Aldiansyah Dwi, Anggih Pratama, Rio Yulinanda, and Winona Ivana as a revolutionary web application where users can freely navigate and discuss their mental health journeys in a safe, understanding environment.

The Objective

The vision behind Mentalk was to create a web application where every forum post and interaction is crafted for seamless and empathetic communication. The aim was to grow a community where users feel heard, understood, and supported.

The Result

The Mentalk website application is now live and open to the public, offering support and connection for those seeking mental health guidance and community.

You can explore the website here and you can also dive into the technical side of the project on GitHub.

The documentation on GitHub not only showcases the application's functionality but also offers insights into the thoughtful design and development process that makes Mentalk a unique and valuable resource.

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