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Enhance Zurich Financial Stability through Data Analysis


About Zurich

Zurich Insurance Group is a titan in the insurance industry, renowned for its commitment to delivering exceptional service to customers both locally and globally. As a leading provider, Zurich is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the security and financial stability of its diverse clientele.

The Objective

Zurich wants to improve the financial performance of the insurance company by enhancing and optimizing premium payment processes, achieving a healthy cash flow, and ensuring financial stability.

The Result

To achieve the objective, Wendy Destean evaluated the entire payment cycle from registration to payment execution, identified payment patterns contributing positively to cash flow and financial stability, discovered causes of delays, and provided recommendations to enhance financial stability.

First, he started to understand the problem:

Then, analyzing some metrics based on the 5 points of understanding the problem to validate the hypothesis and get some insights.

Last step, Wendy gave actionable recommendations. Each recommendation was designed to be practical and directly applicable, ensuring Zurich could implement changes effectively and efficiently.

The full details and insights from the presentation can be explored further through this link.

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