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Leveraging AI for Marketing Analytics

Grab (AI for Marketing Analytics)

By: Haniza Fatin

Project Summary

GrabFood is one of the leading food delivery apps in Indonesia. In this case study, students were presented with a dataset containing information on customer history and their interactions with various campaigns. Their task was to analyze the dataset and propose data-driven marketing strategies to outperform previous campaigns.

The Objective

Through this project, students gained practical experience in marketing analytics by leveraging AI to draw actionable insights from complex datasets. Their work resulted in comprehensive marketing strategies poised to improve GrabFood's campaign performance.


Marketing Campaign Proposal: Students, acting as marketing analysts, proposed new marketing campaigns designed to outperform previous ones. Their proposals included:

1. Product Offerings: What type of products or discounts to offer.

2. Target Audience: Identifying and understanding the key demographics.

3. Marketing Strategies: Which channels to use and the communication styles to adopt.

4. Experimentation Plan: Hypotheses to test, why, and how.

Data Analysis and Insights

1. Exploration of previous marketing campaign data and how it influences new campaign offerings.

2. Presentation of data through charts, graphs, and tables.

3. Customer segmentation analysis and its impact on targeting for the new campaign.

CustomGPT Setup

Students configured their own CustomGPT(s) to assist in developing campaign strategies and analyses.

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