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Gained 23% ER Organically on Instagram and TikTok


About Techuztler

Techuztler was established by Bernadetta Septarini, Christopher Jacop, Gaby Candini, Dwiyanti Putri, Salsabila Mumtazah, and Edwina Rahmani as a career development platform.

It focuses on delivering valuable insights into the tech industry, along with practical tips and tricks for job seekers, making it a go-to resource for anyone looking to make their mark in the tech industry.

The Objective

Techuztler aims to amplify its brand presence organically on Instagram and TikTok. In the digital age, where social media is on the rise, establishing a strong and organic following is crucial for effectively reaching and engaging with the target audience.

The Result

In just two months, Techuztler significantly boosted its Instagram presence, gaining an additional 353 followers and achieving a 23.4% engagement rate. On TikTok, the platform attracted 866 new followers, achieving a 7.05% engagement rate.

Here’s one of Techuztler’s winning pieces of content that made it to the FYP on TikTok!

@techuztler Reply to @christopher_jacop Ini dia Gaji Karyawan Lazada di tahun 2022!! Siapanih yang mau kerja di e-commerce company Lazada?? #fyp #fypシ #gaji #karyawan #lazada #2022 #techcompany #ecommerce #techindustry #cuanintech #careerintech #techcareer #indonesia ♬ UEFA Champions League Anthem - UEFA

For more of Techuztler's content, you can check out their profiles on TikTok and Instagram.

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