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Kopinian's 7K+ Impressions through SEO


About Kopinian

Kopinian is a media website dedicated to everything coffee-related. From coffee beans to café recommendations and reviews in Indonesia, it covers it all.

The Objective

Kopinian aims to attract new visitors through SEO strategies. The goal is not only to rank in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) but also to acquire genuine organic traffic.

The Results

The Kopinian team, consisting of Arliani, Muna Yasmin Arifa, Alvin Hendrawan, Isninda Priska Syabandini, Rhea Febriani Tritami, Rebeca Dwi Palupi, and Ahmad Hanif, developed an SEO strategy that significantly increased real organic traffic.

Within six weeks, the Kopinian website garnered more than 7,000+ impressions in SERP. Kopinian not only captured the attention of new visitors but also secured a loyal following interested in exploring the depths of coffee culture in Indonesia.

You can check out the Kopinian website here or in Alvin Hendrawan’s portfolio.

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