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What our alumni says?

Kelas yang beda banget sama FSDM. Aku betul-betul dapet insights yang lebih advanced dari para experts. Karena lulus, aku juga jadi bisa nyoba-nyoba sendiri mempraktikan setiap stepsnya.

Primaningtyas Kusanggita
Full-Stack Digital Marketing Batch 8

Makasih banyak RevoU udah ngadain Specialization Class! Aku jadi punya wadah diskusi dan belajar apa yang dipraktikin di kerjaanku sekarang. Really appreciate kalau RevoU enggak cuma fasilitasi belajar di awal tapi sampai setelah lulus juga

Normalita Eka
Full-Stack Digital Marketing Batch 7

Although I am working in another field of digital marketing, this specialization class helps me to understand the daily work of the specific channel, deeper than what we have learned in RevoU Full-Stack program.

Juhniarto Roma
Full-stack Digital Marketing Batch 5

I never doubted the quality of RevoU's classes and really proud to be RevoU FSDM alumnus. I've attended several Specialization Classes (like Tiktok Ads) and always learned A-Z about the topic!

Ashifa Azzediena Geraldine
Full-stack Digital Marketing Batch 6

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