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Dive into our online and offline events. It's your chance to meet, learn, and have fun with fellow RevoU Alumni!
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Forever a part of RevoU

Network with thousands of like-minded professionals with strong desire for success

Enrich your connection, meet up offline with fellow alumni near you

Our alumni are all across Indonesia. Connect with local RevoU alumni in your city and build up a valuable network across a wide range of fields.

Continue your lifelong learning with RevoU

Take advantage of RevoU Club by connecting with fellow alumni with same interest and specialization. Experience a fun peer-to-peer learning atmosphere together.
October 21, 2023 | Soehana Hall, Jakarta

Reshaping the Future with Collaboration

CXRC is the biggest event, exclusively created by and for RevoU Community members.
Speed Interview
Networking Space
In CXRC, we bring together professionals from various backgrounds and regions to network with each other. Partner with us to achieve your company goals, from brand awareness, employer branding, talent acquisition, and much more.

More about RevoU Community

RevoU Specialization Class

Contribute to the Community

Connect with new people, ideas, and experiences, which will help you grow better.

Section Manager

Improve your organizational skill by managing the day-to-day operations in RevoU programs

Available roles:
a. Section Manager for RevoU Program
b. Section Manager for Kampus Merdeka

Team Lead

Re-learn all practical and fundamental knowledge from the full-stack program by teaching a group of passionate learners

Available roles:
a. Team Lead for RevoU Program
b. Team Lead for Kampus Merdeka
c. Team Lead for RevoU Mini Course

Student Development Coordinator (SDC)

Work together with us in improving our student development to get a job in NEXT. Leverage your knowledge and expertise to create impact and legacy for our future students!

Career Coach

Take part and get involved directly in helping our students get a job. If creating an impact is something fulfilling for you, this is the right role for you!

Content Contributor (KOL)

Become our alumni ambassador (KOL), share your stories, and improve your personal branding for your career!

Mockup Interviewer

Take part and get involved directly in helping our students get a job. If creating an impact is something fulfilling for you, this is the right role for you!

RevoU Buddy

Get yourself featured on our Alumni Page. Help future RevoU students by answering their questions and sharing your story as a student and alumni.

Volunteer in the Community

Network with a bunch of like-minded people sharing similar interest by building fun and fulfilling projects together.

Available roles:
a. Event Volunteer
b. Club Committee
c. Chapter Organizer

What our alumni says?

Setelah lulus, banyak hal yang belum pernah dipelajari sebelumnya muncul disaat gue bekerja. Gue merasa beruntung karena ada Community RevoU, sehingga gue bisa sharing dengan temen-temen alumni bidang yang lain. Event RevoU Community juga membantu gue untuk memahami case/kerjaan tertentu karena dibahas secara mendalam

Muhammad Abduh Hibatullah
Tech Sales Program Batch 2

Seneng banget yang pasti dapet kesempatan menjadi Chapter Lead Bandung, bisa kenal sama alumni RevoU yang sefrekuensi, punya kesukaan yang sama, dan cerita inspiring. RevoU Community ini tempat aku bertumbuh dan ngembangin network yang lebih luas lagi.. Pokoknya priceless banget lah pengalamannya 😊

Full-stack Digital Marketing Batch 6

Gabung di RevoU Community seru sih! Gue bisa ketemu alumni-alumni baru yang keren. Acara-acara untuk alumninya juga seru dan ada manfaatnya, mulai dari acara ngopi dan ngobrol santai, sampai sesi networking dan sharing ilmu yg menarik

Fajar Abhirama
Full-Stack Digital Marketing Batch 8

Proud to be a part of RevoU Alumni. Setelah lulus, masih ada Specialization Class yang materinya advanced dan mendalam, aku jadi makin paham sama pembelajaran di full-stack program. Instructornya juga ramah dan membantu banget. #RevoUPride

Eka Kristalia
Full-stack Product Management Batch 2

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