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5 weeks of immersive & practical learning to leverage the power of AI for Digital Marketing
(SEO, Social Media, Creatives, and Marketing Analytics).

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Why choose RevoU AI Academy?

At RevoU AI Academy, we're not just teaching you the basics of AI.

We delve deep into the strategic application of AI, enabling you to leverage it for
smarter decision-making, automate mundane tasks, and unlock new levels of productivity.

AI Academy Outcomes:

Career Growth
Fast-track your career with AI skills that let you achieve more efficiently, setting you up for promotions.
Productivity Boost
Amplify your output with AI tools, handling more tasks or clients in less time.
Be a Pioneer
As the digital landscape evolves, your AI skills will set you apart as a leader and innovator, ready to seize opportunities that others might miss.

ONLY on RevoU AI Academy

One-stop shopfor AI Course
Forget the hassle of multiple courses. Our all-in-one program covers every aspect of AI in marketing, making your learning journey efficient and comprehensive.
Engage in practical sessions that not only teach you how to use AI tools but also how to apply them to real-world scenarios
Designed for Your
Our program delivers advanced AI skills and tools necessary to elevate your career, guided by expert instructors with a track record of success in AI.

AI Academy is Perfect for...

To enhance your team's performance and skills.
Individual Contributors
To increase efficiency for career advancement and quicker promotions
To do more with less effort, and achieve more clients.

What You'll Learn

AI for Prompt Engineering

  • Prompting Techniques
  • CustomGPT fundamentals
  • Building your own CustomGPT

AI for SEO

  • SEO Strategy with AI
  • Build an end-to-end SEO workflow with AI

AI for Creative

  • Prompting techniques for Creative Generation
  • Image generation
  • Video generation
  • Text-to-speech generation

AI for Marketing Analytics

  • Analytical capabilities of AI
  • Use cases of Marketing Analytics with GPT4

Learn from Experts

Dhika Kartoleksono
AI For Marketing Professionals Curriculum Creator for RevoU
  • Alumnus VP of Growth at Pluang
  • Alumnus Head of Growth and Revenue Management at Grab
  • Alumnus Revenue and Growth Management & International Product Management at Traveloka
Faisal F. Sulistya
Experimentation - Growth Lead at RevoU

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    Next Batch Starts on March 2024
    80% Class Slot Has Been Filled