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Jun 21, 2023
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Profile of Andrew Prasatya

Andrew Prasatya, with over eight years of experience in Content Marketing, joined RevoU in 2021. He brought the vision of creating the best in-house Content Marketing team in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Andrew began by activating RevoU's content marketing channels, starting with Instagram and Blog, before expanding to Digital PR, Youtube, Podcasts, and other social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

According to Andrew, the ultimate goal of the Content Marketing Team is to raise awareness about our products/services and convince potential customers that we offer the best solution to their problems.

Under his leadership, RevoU's content marketing channels have grown to over 500K followers, maintaining a high engagement rate across all platforms.

The team strives to promote learning and growth in technical and behavioural skills, providing in-depth knowledge to RevoU’s audience. They engage RevoU’s audience across various channels, celebrating progress and small wins, not just the results.

So, how do Andrew and his team continue to innovate content marketing strategies at RevoU? What does it feel like to make an impact on RevoU through the Content Marketing team?

Let’s delve deeper into the workings of RevoU’s Content Marketing team!

Andrew’s Career Journey with RevoU

Before becoming the Head of Content Marketing at RevoU, Andrew Prasatya had accumulated over eight years of experience in content marketing across various industries, from government and agencies to e-commerce.

His content marketing career began in 2012 when he was still a college student. He contributed to the governor and presidential elections by providing a fresh perspective for youth-oriented campaigns.

Andrew's early career was a blend of opportunities and networking, where he explored his interests and matched them with opportunities from his network.

Content Marketing team at iPrice

However, as he progressed, he began considering which industry he wanted to contribute to. He discovered a passion for teaching and coaching during his professional career. Moreover, contributing to the education industry aligned with his personal career goals.

As a result, he decided to join RevoU!

“It’s a mix between a few things. In my early career, I just wanted to try whatever opportunities I had. Later on, I started to think about which industry I wanted.

But what’s always been there is the power of people I know. They help me a lot in my career journey so far,”
Andrew said.

Content Marketing Team Contribution in RevoU

When asked to describe the Content Marketing team, Andrew explained that every content marketing channel at RevoU works together to achieve the ultimate goals of content marketing:

  1. To raise awareness about our products/services.
  2. Once people are aware, we strive to convince them that we are the best solution to their problems.

To achieve these goals, the Content Marketing team explores and innovates content marketing strategies and collaborates with other RevoU teams (Admission, Acquisition, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Learning Experience, etc.) to provide in-depth knowledge to assist RevoU’s audience.

Additionally, the Content Marketing team serves as cheerleaders for RevoU students, alumni, contributors, and audiences as they navigate the highs and lows of their learning and work journeys!

Providing in-depth knowledge to RevoU audience

Evolution of RevoU Content Marketing Team

When Andrew joined RevoU in 2021, the Content Marketing team consisted of only one member, Vilory Ivy, who managed social media organic & blog.

However, Andrew brought the vision of creating the best in-house Content Marketing team in Indonesia & Southeast Asia.

Content Marketing team in early 2021

Why “the best in-house Content Marketing team”?

"Because I believe there's no secret when it comes to marketing strategy. Everyone knows what everyone's doing and what tools they use.

What sets us apart is the team itself.

It's not that we have a secret strategy to make our content marketing work well because everyone knows what we do on social media, blog, and other channels if they are smart enough.

Another factor that sets us apart is the chemistry within our team. I believe that this chemistry and effective teamwork will help us to create something big and amazing!" Andrew said.

This vision was a continuation of his motto from his time at iPrice. It challenges him to achieve greatness when building his team from scratch.

Now, Andrew leads a team of eight in Content Marketing, with various functions—Social Media Organic, Video, Podcast, Blog, Digital PR, and Creatives.

He is proud to say that his team has great potential and is heading in the right direction! 🚀

RevoU Content Marketing team members

Maximization of RevoU Content Marketing Impact

Compared to 2021, when Andrew first joined RevoU, the education industry is now more competitive.

To ensure that the RevoU Content Marketing team can maximize their impact on RevoU's growth, Andrew and his team follow two steps:

#1 Focus on the execution and understand the product

Since RevoU is a consumer-based product, Andrew and his team need to understand the product first.

In his first year at RevoU, Andrew learned about the product while also focusing on activating channels that RevoU already had (Instagram and Blog), with some improvements.

#2 Understand the customers' profile and problem

​​Once he understands the role of content marketing in RevoU and which strategy serves which goal, he and his team need to have a better understanding of customers’ profiles and their challenges.

This understanding helps the Content Marketing team to create better content based on data and not just intuition.

Furthermore, the Content Marketing team collaborates with other RevoU teams to understand customers, such as Admissions, Acquisition, Community, Learning Experience, CRM, etc.

The Approach to Activate New Channels

Starting with only Instagram and Blog, RevoU now has eight content marketing channels: Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok), Blog, Digital PR, YouTube, and Podcast.

This expansion has challenged Andrew to lead different functions, some of which might not be in his area of expertise.

He has 4 approaches to guide the team in activating new channels:

#1 Do a lot of Googling to learn the basics

As simple as Googling or leveraging generative AI to get to know the basics of the task at hand. He usually uses the framework of 5W + 1H.

For example, when he has to activate RevoU Podcast. He searched basic things about podcasts, such as:

  • What is a podcast?
  • Why are people making podcasts?
  • Who are the best podcasters in the market?
  • What are the strategies they are doing? What are the pros and cons?

#2 Reach out to friends who are experts

Once he has a basic understanding, he reaches out to people with more experience in that field. This could be a quick call or chat to gain insights.

For example, when he first joined RevoU and needed to handle social media, he reached out to Radhitia Pradana—Social Media Lead at E-commerce.

He also reached out to his ex-team member from iPrice, who is a TikTok influencer in Thailand, when he needed to activate TikTok.

Another example, he reached out to Bima Marzuki to have a visit to Media Buffet PR to learn more about digital PR with them!

Visit to Media Buffet PR team

#3 Connect the team with experts to learn from them

If it's not something that he will do himself, Andrew involves team members in learning from the expert via sharing sessions and Q&A sessions.

For example, he connected Content Marketing team with Bima Marzuki from Media Buffet PR to learn about Digital PR, and with Briandito Priambodo from The Tiny Wisdom to learn about storytelling.

Sharing session with Briandito from The Tiny Wisdom

#4 Test it out

The final step is to test it out because the result won't be known until it's tested and the strategy evaluated.

Content Marketing Team’s Culture

As the Head of the Content Marketing team, Andrew prioritizes 2 areas in the team to exercise RevoU’s values: Skill and Will.

Skill vs Will Matrix
  • Skill refers to ensuring that every team member has the necessary skills to excel in their role.
    Andrew promotes this by sharing resources (books, podcasts, videos, articles, etc).
  • Will refers to understanding what motivates each team member. This includes understanding what makes them happy in their job, how to make them feel more appreciated for what they are doing, and how to make them aware that their job is impactful.
    Andrew promotes this through various team engagements, discussions, sharing sessions, and non-work-related activities.
Content Marketing team activities

When it comes to balancing the Skill & Will of each team member, Andrew conducts 1:1 sessions. This is because it might be challenging to have team activities that can increase the skill/will area of team members according to their personal needs.

Approach to Excel Content Marketing Team’s Performance

Step #1 - Hire the top talent

Aligned with RevoU Culture, Andrew also maintains the highest standard in hiring.

“Hiring process is so important because it’s the key for us to build a team,” he said.

From his experience, even with different hiring processes, there are sometimes mis-hires. Most of the time, mis-hires become apparent after the talent has worked for 1-3 months or even a year.

So, to minimize the risk of mis-hires, Andrew has a very detailed process in hiring people:

#1 Create good job descriptions

“I want to make job descriptions which people that are very, very good can be inspired by that job description. I want to tell stories about the team, the company, and why the role is important,” Andrew said.

He believes that when he looks for someone to join the team, it needs bargaining power. Where he offers his openings and the talents offers their skills.

Job Openings at RevoU

#2 Do talent sourcing

In talent sourcing, he asks for referrals from his network, whether it’s the internal team, his friends & colleagues, or shared it on LinkedIn.

#3 Prepare good interview questions

Before the interview questions, Andrew also prepares two screening questions. These two questions can help him filter out talents that are not really interested in working with RevoU

Besides that, Andrew also prepared good interview questions that helped him understand the talent's technical skills and motivations.

For example, “Can you share the proudest article you’ve written? Tell me what it’s about and what the impact of the article to the business.”

#4 Prepare a case study

A case study can help him test more detailed technical skills, which will be done in 1-2 days' time.

#5 Do a reference check

Depending on the seniority, Andrew will ask the talent to nominate three people to be reached out and asked about the pros and cons of this talent.

Reference check

#6 Involve the team

Depending on the seniority, Andrew will involve the team member that will be the direct report or closely work together with the talent.

In the hiring process, Andrew looks for talents who have a a higher willingness to work because he believes that skill is something that can be learned so much. But when it comes to will and behaviour/attitude, it’s relatively harder to be shaped.

“I will assess their will from how they treat the interviewer, how they communicate and express themselves. So, I always look for humility, attitude, and kindness in that person,” Andrew said.

Step #2 - Be a great manager

According to Andrew, being a manager is not just about soft skills but technical skills as well. An important technical skill that every manager needs is communication skills: how to communicate directly and digitally, how to give praise & feedback, how to ask for feedback, how to set a goal, and how to negotiate.

For Andrew, being a manager is a tough journey because managers have to deal with and be responsible for the team. Of course, the more people he manages, the more challenges he has to face.

“When you are going to be a good manager, it needs a good emotional investment. You need to think about how your team members think, and feel, and how your action impact their thoughts & feelings,” Andrew said.

But he believes that when it comes to a team, it’s not like a family. But it’s more like a sports team.

“When it comes to a sports team, people aren’t going to be permanently there. Some people are going to get better opportunities outside, and some people might not be able to fit with the culture, so we had to pass.”
Radical Candor

Step #3 - Know your team members well

When managing a team, each member might have different challenges & expectations in their work. Some might be okay, and others might struggle with getting things done.

Andrew finds that knowing your team members well and building a lot of trust with the team are important to handle this.

  • Understand which area the person is struggling. Andrew usually splits them into Skill vs Will. Then, he breaks it down to which part of the skills/will that needs to be solved.
  • Build a lot of trust in the team. So that the team knows that their manager is there to unblock the blockers they have. Once the trust is there and they believe their managers can help them, it's easier to solve the problem.

Step #4 - Train new managers

As the Content Marketing team grows, Andrew has promoted and coached Individual Contributors from his team to move into managerial roles.

But before promoting them, there are 4 things he evaluates:

  • How proud he/she is of his/her work and other team who supports him/her. Because when you are a good manager, you will be proud of your team and not claim it as your own.
  • Communication skills. Regardless of your seniority, it is the biggest challenge on how you are able to communicate to the team members, whether it’s a good term or bad term.
“If you are a good manager, you know that you need to give people that deserve to be praised and you need to be brave to give feedback to team members that need to receive feedback,” Andrew said.
  • How proactively he/she is seeking for feedback to grow as a manager
  • Ability to set up and communicate the goal to the team. The company might have prioritizations that might affect positively or negatively to the team. As a manager, you need to be able to understand which direction the company is focusing and communicate the goal to the team. So they can understand the “why”, not just doing things they don’t understand the impact of it.

After Andrew evaluates and communicates to the Individual Contributors who will move into managerial roles, he will:

  • Explain to them the situation of being a manager
  • Give coaching sessions, to share his past experiences and past failures so they don’t go in that direction
  • Sign them up for RevoU Managerial Training.
RevoU Managerial Training

Step #5 - Recommend resources for team’s growth

“Anyone who wants to grow their personal life, mindset, and skills, consuming information is very important. The way you consume and what you consume can depend on what you like. 

But, what I believe is reading books is very powerful to help us to learn and think. Because it’s very important for us to understand how other people are thinking and learn from them,” Andrew said.

These are some resources Andrew often recommends to his team:

#1 Books

#2 Website

#3 Podcast

For Andrew, what’s more important is once you learn something, find the easiest way to practice directly what you’ve learned.

If you want to work with Andrew in our Content Marketing team, you can apply by clicking here or the "Explore Roles" button below.

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