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Data Analytics Course
Accelerate your career in 6 months

Learn from Leading Data Analysts in SEA and accelerate your career as a Data Analyst. If you don't get a job, we will REFUND your tuition fee up to 100%!
Next batch starts in May 2023

With the best instructors from:

What You'll Get in RevoU
In RevoU, you'll learn and practice directly with instructors from the best companies in Southeast Asia and an up-to-date curriculum. We'll also help you be a certified data analyst.
Earning the Certificate of Completion means you have:
Mastered the fundamental and practice of Data Analytics
Able to process data and give meaningful insights
Mastered the various data processing tools (SQL, Python, Tableau, and Google Data Studio)
Why Data Analytics?
Data Analyst is one of the most in-demand jobs in the market
Especially in the booming tech sector, where digital marketing plays a vital role in growing the company's revenue.

Your career option is not limited to data analyst; you can be these analysts:
•  Business analyst
•  Product analyst
•  Sales analyst
•  Marketing analyst
and other analyst role!
Why RevoU?

Expert and experienced instructors

Learn directly from the best instructors from the top companies in Southeast Asia.

Practice what you've learned in real cases

You will build your portfolio as an aspiring data analyst by doing projects, solving case studies, and working with various datasets.

Monthly installments or Pay Later

Choose from different payment options

Starts from Rp240,000 per month

Flexible LIVE Online Classes

Every Mon - Fri (19.00 - 21.00); every session is recorded for your access

Lifetime access

To the lecture slides, recording, and the community of 2,100+ digital marketers

What you'll learn

You will learn all of this in only 3 months, where it would usually take years. The theory, practice, and soft-skill development, will help to start your career in data analytics.

1st Month: Fundamentals of Data Analytics

Understanding business problems
Data cleaning and preparation
Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
Hypothesis testing and Google Add-ons

2nd Month: SQL and Python

Basic SQL
Data manipulation and joins ins
Data formatting and cleaning
Real case studies
Common Table Expression (CTE)
Window function
Data cleaning and preparation
Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
Cluster analysis
Customer segmentation
Regression analysis
Correlation analysis

3rd Month: Data Visualization and Communication

Data Visualization
Storytelling using data visualization
Fundamentals of data visualization
Data preparation for visualization
Data Communication
Communication structure
Storytelling with data
Constructing presentations

4th - 6th Month: Career Prep, Projects, and Case Studies

(optional in RevoU Next)
Defining career goals and how to achieve it
Portfolio and CV building with your career coach
Practice interviews with your career coach

RevoU Learning Timeline

Not only intensive learning directly from experts, we guide you until you are ready to work.

RevoU graduates are now working in Southeast Asia's best companies

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Admission Process

RevoU is a fast-paced, immersive, online education experience. Through our admissions process we make sure that our program is right for you, so you can get the most out of it.

2-minutes short Application Form

5-minutes Analytical Assessment

Motivational Essay

Do you really want to achieve a successful career? What are your career goals? Tell us about it!

15-mins quick video call with us

You can consult your perfect payment plan and how you can achieve your goals with us

Be an Elite Data Analyst Now

Comes with a Job Guarantee that will refund up to 100% of your tuition fee if you don't get a job after finishing the program

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the class be in English?

As English is the chosen language for online communication, most of the reading materials and briefs will be in English to better prepare students for the global digital industry. For in-class learning, there will be English-speaking instructors for some modules and classes. However, if you prefer, you can choose to be allocated in classes that will be fully conducted by Indonesian instructors.

Will I automatically get a job after finishing the program?

After the RevoU Course (3 months), you can take the RevoU Next (additional 3 months, including RevoU Labs and Career Support) to prepare for your new career. We will help you have portfolio projects, practice interviews, and every other skill needed to start a new job. So far, 96% active jobseeking alumni landed jobs.

Why do I need to take tests to join this program?

We want to make sure that you are the perfect fit for this program and that you will be able to achieve your goals after the program. Through the test, we'll also make sure to fit you with the needed knowledge to start your career.

Minimum laptop specification for this Data Analytics class?

Windows 7, recommended RAM 4 GB, minimum free disk space 3.5GB. This allows you to use various tools such as Python, SQL, and others.

Do I need to have an IT background?

No, you don't need a specific background. However, any experience with data, statistics, math, and programming helps. Motivated and passionate about data is a must because the program requires a commitment.

Is it okay to not know anything about coding to join this Data Analytics program?

You don't need to know about coding to join this program. This program is meant to help you learn and master it for your future career in Data Analytics.

What it's like to learn at RevoU Data Analytics program?

Every curriculum creator of this course is a hiring manager and data practitioner, so we create the curriculum based on the needs of companies. You will learn every module in 2 weeks. In the beginning, you will learn about understanding business problems. Then it will progressively get more technical as in the real work of a data analyst.

What is the difference between a data analyst and a data scientist?

Data scientists focus on the algorithm to make a prediction, whereas data analysts are responsible for analyzing data to make a business decision. You will need data analytics knowledge before learning data science. Data analytics is more versatile as you can get into any business or data function. If you want to be more advanced in predictive analytics, you can deep dive into data science.

Can we be a Data Scientist after graduating this program?

Our program lets you master data analytics and start your career as a data analyst, fundamental to every data role. After this program, you can learn more specialized data knowledge and be a data scientist or data engineer.

Will we learn using Python or R?

You'll learn using Python because, based on the feedback from our experts, Python is more versatile and used by more companies.

What are the tools that we'll use in this Data Analytics course?

  • SQL - Google Bigquery
  • Python - Google Colaboratory & Jupyter Notebook
  • Dataviz - Tableau, Google Data Studio
  • Excel & Sheets

Is there a final project?

There will be a final project to help you craft your portfolio. You will present your final project on the pitching day, and we will invite our experts there.

What is RevoU Labs?

RevoU Labs is a three-month projects with personalized mentor program where you will apply your knowledge in portfolio projects supervised by our Lead and Strategists.

Where are the Data Analytics alumni working now?

Our data analytics alumni are now working in various sectors such as tech, finance, and even government institutes. Here are some of their stories: