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Meet some of instructors from our highly curated list, ready to share the latest insights and skills with your team
Rizki Dewantoro
Consultant Team Lead at Ematic Solutions
8+ Years of Experience
Adinda Pawitra
CEO at Vluid Digital
12+ Years of Experience
Irene Bergosa
Account Manager at Biggest Search Engine
9+ Years of Experience
Nuraeni Saripudin Johnson
Associate Vice President of CRM at Blibli
11+ Years of Experience
Nicholas Vidya
AVP - Product and System Quality Manager at Banking
12+ Years of Experience
Muhamad Mustain
Senior Data Analyst at Hailriding
4+ Years of Experience
Rahmat Hidayatullah
Principal Data Scientist at PT. XL Axiata Tbk
12+ Years of Experience
Vannesa Berhitoe
Lead Data Anaylyst at Biggest Indonesian Ecommerce
5+ Years of Experience
Yosua Ida Bagus
Senior Product Manager - Seller Experience at Biggest Indonesian Ecommerce
5+ Years of Experience
Cahyanto Arie Wibowo
Head of Product Strategy and Growth at KapanLagi Youniverse
9+ Years of Experience
Richard Dharmadi
Head of Product at Pinhome
5+ Years of Experience
Rama Syaliandra
Head of Product at AwanTunai
7+ Years of Experience

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Our curriculum is tailored to the most in-demand tech skills, so your learners can apply it right away!

Measuring Performance and Budget Allocation

  • Online Marketing Funnel and Metrics Related to each Funnel
  • CAC, CLTV and Customer Retention Metrics
  • Budget Allocation and Reallocation
  • Optimizing Channels, Metrics, and Budget

Product Marketing and Landing Page

  • Product Marketing 101
  • Effective Value Communication on Landing Page and other Marketing Channels

Marketing Analytics

  • Introduction to Google Analytics Reporting
  • How to work with UTM Tags
  • Building a Google Data Studio Report
  • Google Tag Manager

Social Media Ads

  • Facebook Ads Campaign Creation
  • Facebook Creative & Strategy
  • Facebook Pixel and Events
  • Facebook Ads Analytics and Reporting
  • Other Social Ads

Google Ads

  • Keyword Research and Theming
  • Paid Search Campaign Creation and Optimization
  • Budget Planning for Search Campaign
  • Google Ads Audiences & Other Google Ads Campaign


  • Keyword and Competitor Research
  • SEO On-Page Content & Technical
  • SEO Off-Page
  • SEO Measurement

Content Marketing

  • Digital PR & Data-Driven Content Marketing
  • Content Ideation & Production
  • Content Distribution & Evaluation

Social Media Organic

  • Social Media Planning and Optimization
  • Measurement and Campaign Planning
  • Moment Marketing
  • Investment in Social Media


  • Lifecycle & Customer Journey
  • Automation Marketing for Retention
  • RFM Framework
  • CRM Metrics & Data

Fundamentals of Data Analytics

  • Fundamentals of Data Analytics Process
  • End-to-end Data Architecture and Data Warehousing
  • Data stakeholders, ethics, data privacy, and data security

Understanding Business Problem

  • Business Metrics for Data-driven companies
  • Frame any Business Challenges as Data Questions with Lean Analytics
  • Data Metrics and Growth Frameworks used in real Startups and companies
  • Lifecycle of a startup and Business Acumen for Full-stack Data Analysts

Preparing and Exploring Data

  • Mastering Advanced Functions and Query in Excel & Spreadsheets
  • Fundamentals and Advanced Statistics for Data Analysis

Analyzing Data to Answer Questions

  • Regression and Correlation
  • Probability and Hypothesis Testing
  • A/B Testing
  • SMART Experiments in Startups

Advanced SQL For Data Analysis

  • In-Depth Understanding of Databases, Relational Databases and Structures
  • Creating Tables and Ingesting Data with SQL
  • Preparing, exploring, and analyzing large dataset with SQL queries
  • Using SQL Syntax, Queries to Solve Business Cases in startups

Python Programming For Data Analysis

  • Working with Github, Jupyter Notebooks and IDEs
  • Data Wrangling with Pandas, NumPy
  • Hypothesis testing and A/B testing with Python
  • Create Python analytics solution
  • Learn the different stages of exploratory data analysis and how to create interactive dashboards with Python

Fundamentals of Visualization

  • Design Thinking Framework
  • Analyze, model and interpret data
  • Best Practices and Tools for Data Visualization
  • Using Various Tools for Data Visualization to become a tool-agnostic data analyst

Data Visualization with Tableau

  • Tableau Mastery and Operations
  • Using Tableau to Visualize Data and Create Dashboards
  • Implementing data visualization to various business use cases

Data Visualization Insight Communication

  • Generating insights from data and communicating insights
  • Creating Effective Data Presentation the Consulting Way
  • Pitching and Storytelling with Data
  • Writing narratives and end-to-end data project management

Technical Capstone

  • Working in-depth with SQL & Python tools to solve an end-to-end real business case in the industry
  • Present initial findings to stakeholders

Pitching Week

  • Work on Practical, Real-World Problem-Solving and Apply Everything that You have learned in a final data project
  • Pitch the insights to the data leaders panel and gain feedback directly from the practitioners

Product & Business Understanding

  • Product Vision & Strategy
  • Finding Product Objectives

OKR & Product Metrics

  • Product Metrics
  • Event Tracking 101

Research in Product Management

  • Customer Discovery Process
  • Competitor Analysis

Product Prioritization

  • Prioritization Frameworks
  • Roadmap & Product Requirement Document

Product Ideation & Development

  • Creating Value for Users
  • Defining your MVP
  • Product Development
  • Usability Testing

Technical Product Management

  • Introduction to Software Development
  • No-Code
  • Introduction to Programming Language
  • Application to Programming Interface

Stakeholder Management

  • Stakeholder and Escalation Strategies
  • Effective Communication for PM

Product Experimentation

  • Fundamental of Experimentation
  • Advanced Product Experimentation

Product Marketing

  • Go To Market Strategy
  • Product Launch and Activation

Fundamentals of Web Development

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Browser Dev Tools & Debugging

You will be able to create simple website using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Web Security

  • Encryption
  • Authentication
  • Authorization

You will be able to understand the importance of web security and implement it on your Web Application.

Frontend Design

  • UI/UX
  • Figma

You will be able to understand the concept of web design and create your design using Figma.

Deployment & Integration

  • IaaS Deployment (VPS, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services)
  • 3rd Party Integration

You will be able to deploy your Web Application to IaaS.

Source Code Management

  • Version Control System/ Git
  • Github

You will be able to manage changes and version code effectively in repository.

Frontend Advanced

  • Frontend Web Development using React .js
  • Frontend Mobile Development using React Native
  • React Server State from API
  • React Library and Framework
  • Javascript Ecosystem on Mobile and Desktop
  • Advanced Software Architecture

You will be able to build a complex UI Application.

Computer Programming

  • Algorithm & Data Structure
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Logic
  • Computer Science
  • Software Architecture

You will be able to understand programming concepts and strengthen your programming logic.

Backend Development

  • Node .js with backend web framework (Express, Next)
  • npm
  • Building Web API with REST API and GraphQL

You will learn to develop backend services.


  • DBMS
  • SQL
  • No SQL

You will be able to store your Web Application data and integrate it with the system.

Group Project Pitching

  • Ideation
  • Project Execution
  • Pitching

You will be able to put all the things you have learned into practice and also learn how to present your work in front of industry experts.

The Art of Leadership

  • Leadership vs Management
  • Benefits and key principles of good management (purpose, people, process)
  • Essential Leadership Skills and Qualities - intro only
  • Understanding yourself as a Leader

Essential Leadership Skills

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Employee Engagement & Leadership Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Decision-making & Problem Solving
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Assessing Your Leadership's Strengths and Weaknesses

Goal Setting and Monitoring

  • Understanding Business Goal and Strategy
  • Translating Business Goal/Strategy to Team/Division Level
  • Crafting Team Goal-Setting (OKR vs KPI)
  • Best Practices for Overcoming Challenges in Performance Monitoring

Prioritization and Delegation

  • Prioritization and Delegation 101
  • Different Types of Prioritization Tools
  • How to Delegate a Task
  • Task-Relevant Maturity (TRM)

Effective Leadership Communication

  • Applying Radical Candor for Effective Feedback
  • 360 Communication: Managing Up, Down, and Horizontal
  • Utilizing 1:1 Meetings to Manage Team Performance (Monthly and Weekly)
  • Career Coaching & People Development

Hiring the Best Team

  • 5 Stages of Team Development
  • Benefits and Key Principles of Hiring The Right People
  • Hiring Best Practices: From Sourcing to Onboarding
  • Understanding Your Ideal Candidate
  • Avoiding Hiring Bias to Increase The Team’s Performance

Building a Strong Team Dynamics

  • 5 Stages of Team Development
  • Managing Workplace Conflict and Negotiation
  • Managing Different Types of Team Members (Generation Gap and Cultural Gap)
  • Maintaining Team Management
  • Types of Parting Ways (Resigning/Firing)
  • Employee Off-boarding
  • Maintaining Team Morale & Productivity

Performance Management

  • Business Performance vs People Performance
  • Performance Review/Appraisal (PR)
  • Conducting Effective Performance Review
  • Rewarding Your Top Performers and Handling Your Low Performers (PIP)

Post Training Consultations

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