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Learn everything you need to start your career!

You will learn product management from the basics to the best practices and be ready to start your new career!

1st Month: Fundamentals of Product Management

Understanding company's and product's vision
Market research
Objective Key Result and Product Metrics

2nd Month:
Defining Problem

Product Research
Problem Prioritization Frameworks
Putting together feature table
Facilitating design sprint with design teams
Conceptualizing solutions

3rd Month: Developing and Delivering Solution

Introduction to Product Wireframing
Solution mapping and prioritization
Communication with engineering, design, and business team
Product Experimentation
Product Development
Product Launch & Go-To-Market Strategy

4th - 6th Month:
Career Prep and Real Project

(optional in RevoU Next)
Get job ready with Career Support on:
Defining career goals
Asset preparation (CV and portfolio)
Network building
Interview prep with career coach
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Prepare your new career in a supportive learning environment

You will start your journey to a new career with the help and guidance of experienced alumni!

Learn the fundamentals and best practices; live from the instructors.

Practice in simulations and group discussions with your Team Lead and Section Manager.

Execute group projects and discussions with your peers.

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What is a Product Manager?

A product manager is responsible to seek problems that customers face and find out how the company can develop the perfect solution.

If you enjoy shopping from your favorite app because of how easy it is to find what you are looking for, there’s a product manager behind it’s success.

What skills do you need to become a successful Product Manager?

Great leadership
Strategic thinking
Active listening
Turn insights into actionable plan

What degree or education level should you have?

You don’t need to graduate from an IT major. You can learn and master all the knowledge and skills required to become a successful Product Manager in this program.

Which companies are hiring for product managers?

Top tech companies are always hiring, such as Traveloka, Grab, and Shopee. A large number of companies and startups are also hiring too, as they start to develop their own app.

See available product manager jobs on:
- Glassdoor
- JobStreet
- LinkedIn

Why start a career as a Product Manager?

High Salary
According to salary survey report, associate product manager position (entry-level) salary can start from Rp8,000,000 - Rp10,500,000
Promising Career Path
Product Managers drives revenue, growth, and innovation to the company; thus have a high chance for leadership and management roles.
No Coding Skills Needed
You don’t need IT background or skills to start your career as a Product Manager

Why learn at RevoU?

Flexible Payment Options
Finance your education with low monthly payments. Complete the program with the help of our financing partners.
Learn the Most in-Demand Skills
We partner with the best tech companies in South East Asia to design the curriculum. We only focus on real-life skills needed to succeed in your career.
LIVE Classes by Industry Leaders
You will be taught by leading international industry practitioners working for some of the top tech companies in SEA.
Flexible around your Schedule
Attend our live, interactive online classroom from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection and commit to 15-20 hours of intense studying per week.
Work on Projects Guided By Experts to Get You Job-Ready
You will build your portfolio as an aspiring product manager by doing projects, solving case studies, or generating business ideas. You will be exposed to many business models, project requirements, and guided by many stakeholders.

Learn From The Best in The Business

Anton Rifco Susilo
Head of Product at Hypefast (Ex-Product Manager at Traveloka)
Bara Brahmantika
Product Manager at
Chin Siew May
Principal Product Manager, Growth at ZALORA Group
Cindy Thearas
Product Lead at
Dimas Radityo
Product Manager at Ruangguru
Fitoy Wicaksana
Group Chief Product Officer at Hijra
Florentina Woro
Lead Product Manager at Diri
Ivan Nashara
Senior Product Manager at Halodoc
M. Awwaab Abdul Malik
Senior Product Manager at GudangAda
Oriza Wahyu Utami
Ex-Product Manager at Reddoorz
Richard Dharmadi
Lead Product Manager at Pinhome
Viani Hafiza
Product Manager at HappyFresh

What You'll Learn in Product Management Program

You will learn all of this in only 3 months, where it would usually take years. The theory, practice, and soft-skill development, will help to start your career in product management.

1. Discovering Problem

Understanding product's vision and strategy
Finding Product Objectives
Product Metrics
Event Tracking 101

2. Defining Problem

Customer Discovery Process
Competitor Analysis
Prioritization Frameworks
Roadmap & Product Requirement Development

3. Developing Solution

Creating Value for Users
Defining your MVP
Product Development
Usability Testing

4. Delivery Phase

Technical Product Management
Stakeholder Management
Product Experimentation
Product Marketing

RevoU Learning Timeline

Not only intensive learning directly from experts, we guide you until you are ready to work.

Tuition Fee

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What they say about RevoU Product Management Program

"We solve real cases closely-related to the latest trends. We also get a simulation of how to use it to solve problems. The tasks in every week are real case adaptations with adjusted difficulty levels."
Patricia Samantha
"Intense but FUN. Surrounded by accomplished classmates, I feel inspired to always work on myself. The program is very comprehensive and structured."
Nadia Fu

Admission Process

RevoU is a fast-paced, immersive, online education experience. Through our admissions process we make sure that our program is right for you, so you can get the most out of it.

2-minutes short Application Form

15 questions Analytical Assessment

Motivational Essay

Do you really want to achieve a successful career? What are your career goals? Tell us about it!

15-mins quick video call with us

You can consult your perfect payment plan and how you can achieve your goals with us

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I automatically get a job after finishing the program?

After the RevoU Course (3 months), you can take the RevoU Next (additional 3 months, including RevoU Labs and Career Support) to prepare for your new career. We will help you have portfolio projects, practice interviews, and every other skill needed to start a new job. So far, 96% active jobseeking alumni landed jobs.

Will the class be in English?

As English is the chosen language for online communication, most of the reading materials and briefs will be in English to better prepare students for the global digital industry. For in-class learning, there will be English-speaking instructors for some modules and classes. However, if you prefer, you can choose to be allocated in classes that will be fully conducted by Indonesian instructors.

Why do I need to take tests to join this program?

We want to make sure that you are the perfect fit for this program and that you will be able to achieve your goals after the program. Through the test, we'll also make sure to fit you with the needed knowledge to start your career.

What is the career path after graduating this program?

After graduating from this program, you can start a career as an Associate Product Manager, Product Manager, or Product Owner.

Is it okay to not know anything about coding to join this program?

You don't need to know about coding to join this program. Product managers lead a product from idea to production. To develop and code is the responsibility of a developer or programmer.

Do I need to have an IT background?

No, you don't need a specific background. However, any experience with data, statistics, math, and programming helps. Motivated and passionate about data is a must because the program requires a commitment.

I'm an SMA/SMK graduate. Can I join this program?

For product management program, the minimum degree is Bachelor's (S1). You can still apply if you are a final-year Bachelor's student.

What is RevoU Labs?

RevoU Labs is a three-month projects with personalized mentor program where you will apply your knowledge in portfolio projects supervised by our Lead and Strategists.