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Unlock your leadership potential and empower your team for remarkable success. Learn from Experienced Leaders and fast-track your career as a first-time manager.
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Gadis Lukman
Vice President of Commercial
Beth Samuel
Associate Director People and Culture
Matteo Sutto
CEO & Founder
Veronika Utami
Board of Director Frisian Flag Indonesia
Bella Chyntiara
Ex VP Ads and Promo
Doni Natanael
Business Head
Indonesia’s Leading
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Top Leaders from Venture Capital and Tech & Multinational Companies

Why Do You Need Manager Academy

As a first-time manager, you face unique challenges in transitioning from an individual contributor to a leader. To succeed as a Manager, you need to have a high-performing team and deliver great result instead of becoming the employee who performs best and expert in technical skill.
Designed and led by some of the most successful Leaders, our training program addresses these challenges head-on, helping you shift your mindset, understand your team's strengths and weaknesses, earn their trust, manage team dynamics, handle expectations from top management and stakeholders, and effectively communicate goals and information.
Leaders are not born or made - they are self made.
Stephen Covey

Develop Your Managerial Mindset

Develop a successful managerial mindset, give and receive feedback, and build trust with your team members.

Build a High-Performing Team

Develop the skills to build and lead a high-performing team, and upskill your team members to achieve their full potential.

Manage Stakeholder Expectations

Develop skills to manage expectations and communicate effectively with top management and stakeholders, both up and down the chain of command.

What Sets Our Managerial Training Apart

At RevoU Manager Academy, we offer a unique and practical approach to develop your managerial skills.

Practical Application of Theories

You will get hands-on experience by applying theories to real-life case studies, which will help you develop the skills needed to become an exceptional manager.

Elite Instructors with Real-World Experience

You will learn from industry practitioners with extensive experience in diverse fields, not just motivational speakers. Our instructors bring valuable knowledge and expertise during the training, ensuring you acquire practical skills and insights.

Hybrid Program for Networking Opportunities

You will get a hybrid program that combines online and offline learning, providing unique networking opportunities. Engage in discussions and debates regarding best practices with other first-time managers from diverse industries and backgrounds.

Post Training Mentoring

You will receive two free consultations with our mentors, offering personalized guidance and support to help you build a successful team.

Meet The Instructors & Mentors

Learn from Top Leaders in Venture Capital, Tech, and Multinational companies. Our instructors are among the best in their fields, with strong credibility and expertise.
Much like parenting, learning about leadership has no secret formula. Every circumstance has a different challenge, hence possibly a different scenario to approach. The permutation is endless. It is something you can’t just translate from a book, but truly soak in experience and iterate. So you’ve gotta be present, be whole and genuine.
Vice President of Commercial
Effective management is a powerful asset for any leadership team to increase the output of organizations,  If you’re motivated to become a better manager, start training yourself to unlock the potential within you and achieve greatness to improve your group’s performance and productivity.
CEO & Founder
Leadership is vocation, a great opportunity to bring positive impact to the people, business, and society.
Leader grow and develop others, but leader will also grow & become better & better from learning and evolving with the team, organization, environment she is in.
This is where leadership can bring profound good deeds to the world in much more constant & sustained way.
Board of Director Frisian Flag Indonesia
What if I told you that leadership is not actually a position? What if leadership is actually an opportunity to serve others, instead of commanding them? Not everyone is born as a leader, but everyone can learn how to be a good leader.
Business Head
Indonesia’s Leading
Often people over complicate leadership. Leadership is all about growing yourself. When you become a good leader to yourself, only then you can grow to lead others.
Ex VP Ads and Promo
Menurutku salah satu skill yang paling bermanfaat lintas industri, negara, dan role pekerjaan adalah managerial skill, cara kita manage pekerjaan dan memimpin diri sendiri, maupun team. Aku gak akan bisa diposisi sekarang tanpa contoh dari leader-leader yang luar biasa yang aku temui sepanjang karirku. Sayangnya gak semua dari kita bertemu dengan manager yang luar biasa, kadang mereka ada di tim lain, atau perusahaan lain. Beruntungnya, managerial skill bisa banget dipelajari dari sumber dan mentor yang tepat!
E-commerce Business Development Manager

Everything you love about RevoU, but make it double

Our program follows the same principles as other RevoU courses, delivering the best education and resources to our students.

What’s the same with other
RevoU Courses

Top instructors with real-world experience.

Practical courses and work on real-life case studies.

Engaging and interactive classes.

Free to join our community of learners.

Get More Out of Manager Academy

Everything in the RevoU Courses, plus:

More senior instructor profiles

Lighter training (3x a week)

Suitable for all backgrounds and industries

Hybrid program (offline and online) for networking opportunities

Curriculum | RevoU Course

What You’ll Learn

RevoU's Manager Academy Curriculum.

The Art of Management

  • The change of mindset from individual contributors to Manager
  • The benefits & key principles of good management

Prioritization and Delegation

  • The importance of Task Relevant Maturity (TRM)
  • The increment of managerial leverage

Hiring the Best Team

  • Benefit and key principle of hiring right people
  • Best practice of hiring from sourcing to onboarding

Lifecycle of Team

  • Identify & map team strength and weakness
  • Drive team motivation with personalize approach
  • Handle the resignation, firing and off-boarding
  • Build the team engagement in remote workings

Building High Performing Team

  • Apply the 360 degree of effective communication
  • Handle the team dynamic

Goal Setting & Performance Management

  • Team goals setting & prioritization
  • Assessment and evaluation team performance

Learn Alongside Fellow High-calibre Professionals


Untuk tetap memberikan performa yang optimal, terus belajar dari sepak terjang expert yang variatif bisa menjadi akselerasi yang penting.
Oleh karena itu saya rasa kelas Revou ini bisa menjadi salah satu metode yang saya pilih untuk mencapai tujuan tsb.

Rosadi Agung Nugraha

Strategic Innovation Executive at Paragon Technology And Innovation


I am interested in joining this program because
I feel that I still need to learn and explore a lot to become a leader who give positive impact on the team and the company.

Lasita Inkeputri

People Development, OD & Talent Manager at SIRCLO

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